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Download Basketball

Author: Alison Hawes
Publisher: Hameray
Genre: Teens / Sports
ISBN: 978-1-60559-003-5
Pages: 48
Price: $9.95

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Basketball is a fun sport for boys and girls of all ages. But how is it played, and who are all those people on the court? If basketball looks interesting to you and you want to know more about its history, stars, and rules, you’ll need to read Download Basketball.

Basketball is a fast-paced game, and this book is set up to be a fast read. Position players, scorekeepers, and referees are all introduced, with explanations of what each does. Court markings and how they’re used to score, and what to wear to stay cool and comfortable, help in learning to play the game. And no book about any sport would be complete without a history of its beginnings, as well as legends who dazzled the crowds with their prowess.

The Download series was created to support striving readers for whom reading is a difficult or frustrating task. This series would be great in engaging kids ages 9-14, reading at age level 7-8.

Reviewer: Alice Berger