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The Compliment Quotient

Author: Monica Strobel
Publisher: Wise Roads Press
Genre: Self-help / Motivation
ISBN: 978-1-936214-37-2
Pages: 164
Price: $14.95

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Are you looking for a simple but effective way to change the dynamics of an important relationship? A compliment may be just what you need. In The Compliment Quotient, Monica Strobel shows us how and why compliments can be so powerful in our interactions with others.

Compliments don’t just help others. They can help us just as much, since giving a compliment also makes us happy. But giving the right kinds of compliments makes a huge difference. Avoiding flattery and pinpointing something specific to compliment are important. And sometimes the hardest thing we can do is accept a compliment from others gracefully.

Strobel provides helpful information on proper complimentology techniques in a well-organized fashion, relying on detailed bullet-point lists to explain her ideas. She also shows us great examples of how — and how NOT — to compliment others. If you’re looking to improve relationships with friends, family and co-workers, give compliments a try, and be sure to pick up The Compliment Quotient for guidance.

Reviewer: Alice Berger