children, international

My Maasai Life

Author: Robin Wiszowaty
Illustrators: Marisa Antonello and Victoria Laidley
Publisher: Me to We Books
Genre: Children / International
ISBN: 978-1-55365-802-3
Pages: 36
Price: $19.95

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Robin is excited to visit Kenya, the country she’s dreamed about for a very long time. She longs to see the animals and the people there, and can’t wait for adventure. But when she does arrive, she finds things are a little different than she expected.

Unlike at home, children have to work hard to make sure the family can eat and drink. Carrying wood and water on their backs, they help Mama to prepare a meal. Houses are tiny and constructed of mud and sticks, and the meals they eat are so much simpler.

Robin had such a good time on her trip to visit the Maasai people that she later went back for good. She is now the Kenya Program Director with Free The Children. This organization is a network allowing children to help other children in need.

My Maasai Life is the children’s version of Robin’s story.  She has also published a full-length version My Maasai Life for adults. Me to We Books supports Free the Children by giving them half their annual profits.

Reviewer: Alice Berger