The Enchanted Rope

Author: David D. Bernstein
Illustrator: Sally Taylor
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-4327-5175-3
Pages: 28
Price: $13.95

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Jack’s mom has passed away, and he misses her terribly. So he starts to weave a magic rope from the wildflowers she loved so much. Then he climbs the rope that leads him to the afterlife, where he sees his mom has become a golden dragon.

Jack’s mother reassures him that she still loves him, and shows him around her world. Then she lets him know he can come back any time he chooses, and she’ll be there for him. When he returns to earth, he notices a missing flower, and knows she has kept it as a reminder of his visit.

Although we can’t really be with those who have left us, it’s comforting for kids to be able to at least visit in their imaginations. Jack’s magical journey lets them know they can still be close even though they’re so far away. Bright and cheerful illustrations, rather than the dark and dreary colors of death, show us the light and hope this sweet story shares.

Reviewer: Alice Berger