art, fashion

Growing More Beautiful

Author: Jennifer Robin
Publisher: Arteful Press
Genre: Fashion / Art
ISBN: 978-0-9817322-0-6
Pages: 224
Price: $29.95

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What makes a woman’s outfit look stylish? Is it the way the fabric flows or hugs her figure? Do the colors match her complexion and hair? Or maybe it’s the way her makeup and accessories complement her outfit? Jennifer Robin suggests all of these and more add up to the perfect look.

Using an artful approach to building a wardrobe, Robin gives us her own perspective as a fashion consultant. She encourages us to analyze our lifestyle and make sure we always have the right clothes for the situations we find ourselves in. There’s nothing more frustrating than staring at a full closet and feeling like we have nothing to wear. Robin explains why we feel that way, and what we can do to fit the problem.

My first thought on reading a book written by a fashion consultant is that she must think we have unlimited budgets for clothes. But this assumption proved false when she brought up the subject herself, suggesting that we need to carefully choose where we plan to shop so we can maximize our clothing dollars.

Art and fashion blend so nicely together in Growing More Beautiful, as photos of beautifully decorated store windows, mannequins, and the author’s own paintings grace the pages. After reading this unique book, I’m sure you’ll be inspired to pick up your own arts and crafts project and go out and buy something new. It’s no fun to go through life drab and dowdy when all it takes is a little artful play to jazz up your own wardrobe.

Reviewer: Alice Berger