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The Energy Cure

Author: William Bengston, PhD
Publisher: Sounds True
Genre: Health / Mind-Body
ISBN: 978-1-59179-911-5
Pages: 256
Price: $18.95

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If someone told you he had the cure for cancer in his hands, would you believe him? Would you trust him to cure you? William Bengstrom discovered this unique ability in an experiment with mice injected with a deadly form of cancer. When the mice spontaneously remitted, he knew he was onto something and he wanted to know more about this healing power he possessed.

Bengstrom knew it wasn’t enough to discover that something could be done. He needed to prove there was a science behind it, and that the results of his experiments could be replicated. So over the years, he continued to test himself and others in curing mice of cancer.

According to the author, we may also have the abilities he’s discovered in himself, and he shares his technique with us, hoping we can become healers, too. Since the process involves only energy shifts, no particular faith is necessary.

Written with Sylvia Fraser, this book documents Bengstrom’s history from the very beginning as a healer. A fascinating journey and engaging read, The Energy Cure is highly recommended.

Reviewer: Alice Berger