The Enchanted Flounder

Author & Illustrator: Susan Meredith
Publisher: Rocking Chair Publications, Inc.
Genre: Children / Fairy tale
ISBN: 9780984286669
Pages: 26
Price: $7.99

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Is it possible to have too many wishes? The fisherman’s wife doesn’t think so, and she insists on her husband asking the enchanted flounder to grant them for her. She wishes and wishes and wishes some more. But she doesn’t realize that what she’s wishing for isn’t the best thing for her.

In this kinder and gentler retelling of the classic fairy tale, the fisherman’s wife learns this lesson about being too greedy the hard way. And the fisherman learns it’s good to be content with what we have. Sometimes even better things will come to us in our gratitude.

Some of the old fairy tales were frightening for kids, but you won’t find any of that scary stuff in Gram’s Fairy Tales. Kid-friendly, cheery and fun, they’re safe for everyone.

Reviewer: Alice Berger