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Brigitta of the White Forest

Author: Danika Dinsmore
Publisher: en theos press
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 978-0-9754042-5-6
Pages: 210
Price $12.95

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A terrible spell has been placed on the fairies of the White Forest. All except Brigitta and her little sister, Himalette, have been turned to stone. The ceremony of resetting the Hourglass of Protection must take place as scheduled or the White Forest will be in danger. But the High Priestess will be unable to perform it as a stone statue.

Brigitta knows there is one fairy who might be able to help. Hrathgar hasn’t been affected by this stone spell, since she lives outside the White Forest. Brigitta and Himalette head out to find her in the hopes that she can offer assistance. But the area they need to travel through is treacherous, and Hrathgar has been banished from the White Forest for something evil she did a long time ago. Even though they know they are in great danger, the two young fairies are determined to save the White Forest and restore everyone back to normal.

Brigitta of the White Forest is fantasy and adventure in a delightful combination. Readers will love Brigitta’s bravery in facing Hrathgar, while trying to protect her little sister. She is also clever in determining if their unusual companions, Minq and Gola, are allies or enemies in their quest. The story is fast-paced, with lots of imaginative elements to keep the reader interested until the very end. I highly recommend this enjoyable novel.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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