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Castle In the Mist

Author: Robert J. McCarty
Illustrator: Stella Mustanoja McCarty
Publisher: Barking Planet Productions
Genre: Children / Dogs
ISBN: 978-0-9786928-1-0
Pages: 112
Price $14.95

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Prince Ukko is a warrior and the leader of the Black Hawk tribes. He is disturbed by the peace declared by Bik and the Stone City warriors, after the Day of the Dogs. Now he wants to go to war, and he wants Bik’s help. But Bik isn’t interested in war anymore, and he turns down Prince Ukko’s request.

Determined to win Bik’s assistance, Prince Ukko comes up with a plan that will force Bik to comply. But Prince Ukko doesn’t realize Bik now has the dogs on his side, and the dogs have other ideas.

In this sequel to Planet of the Dogs, the dogs have yet another challenge in keeping peace on earth. The Stone City warriors have realized that war doesn’t solve anything, and they’re enjoying the peace they have with the people of Green Valley. But can the dogs stop Prince Ukko from threatening that peace?

Castle In the Mist continues the theme that it’s better to have peaceful relationships with our neighbors than it is to be constantly at war with them. Although Prince Ukko acts in a threatening manner to Bik, the dogs know that fighting back isn’t the answer, and they come up with an even better solution to this problem. Humans today could learn something from their wise counsel.

Reviewer: Alice Berger