beauty, health

Looking Like You

Author: Barry Hendrickson
Publisher: Bitz-n-Pieces Publishing Co.
Genre: Beauty / Health
ISBN: 978-0-615-30064-1
Pages: 177
Price: $24.99

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A woman’s ability to care for herself is at an all-time low when she begins chemotherapy. If she also has to face the prospect of losing her hair, her self-esteem may plummet. Taking steps to maintain her appearance before beginning treatment is essential, and Barry Hendrickson has provided a plan for using medical hair replacement.

Today’s wigs can be nearly undetectable, if handled properly. Hendrickson explains the process of choosing synthetic or natural hair, and making sure the wig is cut to most closely resemble your own natural style. The goal is to continue to look just like you. Cleaning, styling and storage techniques are discussed in detail, to be sure your wig continues to look great. And tips on varying your look when necessary, for weather, exercise or fun, are also provided.

Making the decision to wear a wig can help a woman keep a more positive attitude during a time when her spirits may drastically dip. Although no one wants to contemplate losing her hair, having a wig ready and waiting before it happens can make the transition easier and a little less traumatic. In Looking Like You, Barry Hendrickson handles this painful subject in a sensitive and caring way that reassures a woman that no one needs to know her secret. She can still be beautiful and look just like herself.

Reviewed by: Alice Berger