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Tony the Pony’s Big Dream

Author: Cindy Rice Andrea
Illustrator: Stan Jaskiel
Publisher: Dining in the Light Publications
Genre: Children / Health
ISBN: 978-0-9842717-3-3
Pages: 24
Price: $8.99

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Tony the Pony wants to be a cowboy and live in Texas. His idol is Cowboy Sam Washing Hands, so Tony tries to do everything Sam would do. He dresses like a cowboy, calls himself Tex instead of Tony, and even cooks the same things Cowboy Sam would eat.

And since Cowboy Sam knows how important it is to wash his hands while preparing food, Tony the Pony follows his example as he makes some chili. He and his friends can eat and enjoy it without worrying that anyone will get sick.

As one of the Green Apple Tales, Tony the Pony’s Big Dream focuses on food safety. These books teach food handling through a story where the main character shares a basic concept with kids.

This story has good intentions, but there is very little plot for kids to relate to, and the message is forced. The target age group would not relate to a character’s actions in cutting up food for chili. But the message of hand-washing comes through loud and clear.

Reviewer: Alice Berger