self improvement

Purposeful Action

Author: Towanna B. Freeman, CDC,DD & Barbara H. Pellegrino, CEC
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Self improvement
ISBN: 978-1-4401-6387-6
Pages: 148
Price: $24.95

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It’s hard to have a goal and not be able to achieve it. Unfulfilled dreams keep us frustrated, always knowing our lives could be better if we only knew what to do. Purposeful Action was written for women by two women who believe they may be able to help. In this book, Towanna B. Freeman and Barbara H. Pellegrino offer guidance in reaching your goals.

In the first section of this book, several questions are addressed. What will make you happy? What can prevent you from achieving your goal? And when do you want to accomplish it? A life balance wheel is provided, and maintaining balance is strongly encouraged. The last section is their suggested seven steps to fulfillment. These are presented as a cycle: celebrating, affirmations, contemplation, visualization, acknowledgment, gratitude and asking.

Both of these women are life coaches, and they share some insights from their clients’ experiences. They also suggest you may benefit from your own coach, in working through this process. If you’re looking to make important changes in your life, you may find this workbook helpful in clarifying your vision before you take action.

Reviewer: Alice Berger