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Survivor Song: Tales of Treacherous Traverses Through Waters and Woods

Author: Joseph Kehoe
Publisher: You Come Too Publishing
Genre: Children / Adventure
ISBN: 978-0-9816836-1-4
Pages: 144
Price: $5.99

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Children living in suburbs where the biggest danger is crossing a busy intersection dream of heading off to the wilderness and great adventures. In Survivor Song Joseph Kehoe takes us into dark wooded areas, down river rapids, and into snowstorms to give us a taste of nature and the elements at their fiercest.

In these thirteen harrowing stories of adventure and survival, kids will come face to face with some of their deepest fears. Will they manage to face their demons and come out alive? Most of the kids in these stories do — but some don’t.

Although this book is listed as intended for ages 10 and up, the more sensitive reader may find these tales a little too upsetting. But kids will be forced to think about how they would handle these situations if they ever found themselves in them, which might lead to great discussions in school and at home. The author is also a frequent guest speaker at schools, sharing these and other stories.

Reviewer: Alice Berger