Good Night and God Bless

Author:  Trish Clark
Publisher:  Hidden Spring
Genre: Travel
ISBN: 978-1-58768-053-3
Pages: 242
Price: $20.00

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Traveling around Europe on a budget doesn’t have to mean skimping on accommodations. Sure, you could stay at a youth hostel, but you might find it more cozy at one of the many convents and monasteries who accept overnight guests. And you’ll be surprised by the many health spa amenities they offer, in addition to lodging.

In Good Night and God Bless, Trish Clark provides a guide to travel in Austria, the Czech Replublic, and Italy. Within each geographic section, there are open houses who welcome everyone, some that are only open to women or men, and those who also offer spiritual refreshment to travelers. Descriptions and contact information for each of the convents and monasteries is provided, along with some interesting sites to see while visiting.

Overall, this is a great travel guide with lots of information that would be hard to find anywhere else. But there were two things this book lacked, in my opinion. I would have loved to see some photos of the accommodations offered, and website addresses would have been helpful, even though many of the sites are written in other languages.

Trish Clark clearly did a lot of research on this subject, and has created a helpful and comprehensive travel guide. If you’re thinking of visiting these countries and are interested in great, inexpensive lodging or a spiritual retreat, I highly recommend this book.

Reviewer: Alice Berger