Day & Night in the Forest

Author: Susan & Peter Barrett
Illustrator: Peter Barrett
Publisher: Hammond World Atlas
Genre: Nature
ISBN: 978-0843-709438
Pages: 38
Price: $14.99

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The forest is a magical and mysterious place, both by day and by night. Day & Night in the Forest shows us the different kinds of forests and the animals that live there.

This beautifully illustrated book includes a four-page spread for both the daytime and nighttime scenes. Then, following the spreads, the conifer forest, dense forest, mixed forest and forest edge are shown in detail, along with the animals that live in that habitat.

Each forest type is explained in greater detail, and a paragraph for each animal describes a little about his activities in the daytime or at night. Eating habits, nesting behavior, and the ability to camouflage themselves and blend into their surroundings are some of the topics covered.

While this is not a comprehensive guide to forest life, Day & Night in the Forest is so beautifully illustrated that it will join our bird and wildlife books as a reference. Anyone who loves nature and forest animals will enjoy this book.

Reviewer: Alice Berger