bilingual, children

Running With the Bats

Author: Chris Holaves
Illustrator: John Goomas
Publisher: Astakos Publishing
Genre: Children / Bilingual
ISBN: 978-0-9792991-1-7
Pages: 64
Price: $15.95

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A boy is invited to play baseball with his friends, but before long, night creeps in. Now he’s all alone, and suddenly flying creatures swoop down. They chase him around, following him home, as he runs in terror through the darkness.

This boy has never seen a bat, and as they dive for mosquitoes, he panics and tries to shoo them away as he madly dashes away. The illustrations by John Goomas in pencil drawings of flying bats, trees with no leaves, and silvery moons peeking through wisps of clouds, create a spooky scene reminiscent of Halloween.

Running With the Bats is a rhyming story in English, translated into Spanish for a completely bilingual experience. Although bats seldom act the way they did in this story, the “attacking bats” made for a more scary read that kids will most likely enjoy. The last few pages explain some bat facts so these fuzzy winged creatures won’t seem so threatening.

Reviewer: Alice Berger