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Author: Vicki Croke and Sarah Wilson
Publisher: Rodale Books
Genre: Nonfiction
ISBN: 978-1594869204
Pages: 244
Price: $17.95

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Did you ever notice how a dog seems to reflect the personality of its owner? Some folks wonder if such an occurrence could be pure coincidence or perhaps a product of some unconscious element of natural selection. The authors of DOGOLOGY have playfully determined that a person’s choice of dog and subsequent relationship speaks volumes about their own personality.

Vicki Croke and Sarah Wilson, the writers and self-proclaimed Dogologists, have created a “foolproof self-analyzing system” that helps slot a person into a particular Dogology Type. Through this process, a person learns more about their own personality and what makes them tick. With that, they are better able to recognize which dog breed may be best suited as a lifelong companion.

Although the book seems written with a slight bend toward women, both sexes will enjoy learning where they fit into the various personality types. Folks contemplating dog ownership will especially find the book beneficial. Choosing the right pooch may become a lot easier once they know how and why their personality fits with a certain breed. The best lifelong companion could be just around the next page.

Dogology is a worldly, playful, and laid back read. Most readers should find it insightful and reassuring.

Reviewer:  Gene Berger

September 7, 2009 - Posted by | dogs

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