With My Umbrella, I Can…

Author: Maria Pavlik
Illustrator: Holly Pavlik
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Genre: Children
ISBN: 142513200-6
Pages: 24
Price: $12.95

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On a gloomy, rainy day, Penelope Puddle is bored. But when she discovers a straight, black umbrella, it’s as if she’s found a magic wand capable of transporting her anywhere she wants.

Puddle Poof are the magic words, as Penelope waves her trusty umbrella, and she can travel around the world. In rhyming verse, Penelope tells of her adventures, letting her umbrella lead the way.

She never uses this umbrella to shield herself from the rain. Instead it’s a prop she carries with her to use as a broom to fly, a ski in the freshly fallen snow, a boat in the pond, and an object to dance with.

Holly Pavlik’s bright watercolors and sketches cheerfully share Penelope’s world of imagination with us. Penelope’s face is always hidden behind her windswept hair, so everyone can relate to this little girl’s fun on a rainy day. With My Umbrella, I Can… is a delightful book anyone can enjoy, especially when a dose of inspiration and playfulness is needed.

Reviewer: Alice Berger