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The Secret to Life Transformation

Author: Julie Chrystyn
Publisher: Dove Books
Genre: Self-help
ISBN: 978-1-59777-581-6
Pages: 252
Price: $25.95

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You may be living a good life, but feel that something is still missing. You’re not as successful as you believe you can be, and you need to make some changes.  But how? Who will guide you?

Julie Chrystyn is the hidden voice behind several famous autobiographies. As she listened to those people share their stories, she developed the desire to share some of the words of wisdom she picked up. In The Secret to Life Transformation she compiles these for us, along with thoughts from some other successful people.

This books alternates chapters between her own thoughts and those of twelve brilliant and talented people. These include Justice Clarence Thomas, David Foster, John Paul DeJoria, Robert Evans, Jacqueline Jakes, Dr. Patch Adams, Judge Sol Wachtler, Paula White, Jose Eber, Dr. Steven M. Hoefflin, Paul Anka, and Bernie Brillstein. Each presents their own story, sharing their own ideas on how they became successful.

Topics like independent thinking and using your thoughts wisely, love, forgiveness, wisdom, vision, and hope are interspersed between these mini-autobiographies.

If you’re looking for an inspiring read that will help set you on the path towards your own success, you’ll find that in The Secret to Life Transformation.

Reviewer: Alice Berger