Roastbeef’s Promise

Author: David Jerome
Publisher: Smack Books
Genre: Fiction / Humor
ISBN: 978-0-9815459-1-2
Pages: 312
Price: $23.95

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What do you do when your father’s last dying wish is to have his ashes sprinkled in all forty-eight contiguous states? If you’re Jim “Roastbeef” Hume, you do your best to fulfill it, no matter what it will take.

Roastbeef’s Promise chronicles Roastbeef’s fifteen month journey around the country in his quest to carry out his mission. Along the way, he runs into car troubles, theft of nearly all his possessions, and even manages to get arrested. But that doesn’t deter him from having as much fun as he can possibly get away with.

If you’re a college student thinking of taking a cross-country trip, or if you secretly longed to make one before entering the “real world,” you’ll find Roastbeef’s adventures hilarious. Join him vicariously as he travels the US, meeting interesting new people and seeing the sights, before ultimately finding his life purpose.

Reviewer: Alice Berger