Love, Elmo

Author: Meg McLaughlin
Illustrator: Tom Brannon
Publisher: Dalmatian Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 1-40375-323-7
Pages: 24
Price: $3.50

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Abby Cadabby has never received a letter, so Elmo decides he will make one for her with the help of his Sesame Street friends. As he visits with each of them, they all add their special thoughts to the letter. Elmo then puts the finishing touch on it with his signature.

This adorable little book is full of wonderful learning opportunities. New vocabulary words are sprinkled throughout to help children learn to express themselves more fully. Alphabet references are used with new and interesting combinations, like C is for cantaloupe. All of the drawings explained in the story show up in the final letter given to Abby, so children can match the words to the pictures.

Children will enjoy this sweet story of Elmo being kind to Abby, but they’ll also learn so much from the clever educational tools. I highly recommend Love, Elmo.

Reviewer: Alice Berger