Too Tall Alice

Author: Barbara Worton
Illustrator: Don Rodi
Publisher: Great Little Books, LLC
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9790661-1-5
Pages: 32
Price: $15.95

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Alice is FOUR inches taller than the other girls at Cherry Tree School. So tall she has to stand in the back row with the boys in their class photo. Everyone thinks being tall is okay and perfectly normal, but Alice wishes she was four inches shorter.

One night Alice has a dream that she meets a group of tall women. These women help her see how special she is, and how she doesn’t have to let her height hold her back from being the best person she can be.

In Too Tall Alice, the main character suffers from feeling different – in her case, being taller than everyone else. But kids can all relate to being different in some way and feeling like they don’t fit in. This book reassures kids that they may feel different now, but when they’re grown up, they can be anything they want to be.

Cute illustrations by Dom Rodi and clever “kid-language” make this book a fun read. But the positive message of self-acceptance and hope is what comes through in a TALL way.

Reviewer: Alice Berger