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SOIL: More Than Just Dirt

Author: Jerry Wermund
Publisher: Rockon Publishing
Genre: Children / Science
ISBN: 978-09726255-3-1
Pages: 48
Price: $18.95

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Most of us give very little thought to the ground we walk on. When we plant our garden, the soil is just something we dig. But do you know how soil is formed? Or how many different kinds of soil there are?

Jerry Wermund explains soil formations in this interesting and informative book, written in a poetic style. He also includes many color photos of the various kinds of soil, with explanations of what makes them unique.

Although the author intends this book for elementary and middle school children, some of the vocabulary is too difficult for a younger child to understand. Many of the terms are defined, but adult explanations may also be necessary.

SOIL: More Than Just Dirt is an excellent resource for the budding environmentalist.

Reviewer: Alice Berger