cats, children

Kitten Up a Tree

Author: Melanie Abel
Illustrator: Anne Lederhos
Publisher: E & E Publishing
Genre: Children
ISBN: 0-9791606-4-2
Pages: 28
Price: $15.95

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Kitten is scared and runs up a tree. The mailman, the gardener and the newsboy all try to get her down, but she just climbs higher and higher. But little David thinks he knows how to coax her down.

After David waits patiently for several days, kitten finally climbs down. And now she and David are friends.

Anne Lederhos has created charming illustrations for Kitten Up a Tree. Children have always loved to rescue cats in trees, despite the fact they seldom need rescuing. This cute story will appeal to kids and cat lovers alike.

Reviewer: Alice Berger