children, nature


Author: Martin Kasso
Illustrator: Matthew Jeffirs
Publisher: Intervisual Books Inc.
Genre: Children / Science
ISBN: 978-158117-797-8
Pages: 24
Price: $19.95

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Sharks are probably the most feared ocean creatures, but how much do we really know about these magnificent beings? What triggers a shark attack? Are all sharks dangerous?

Sharks attempts to dispel some of the myths we have about sharks, while sharing some interesting facts. Pop-up and other interactive pages enhance the learning experience for kids. Pictures and descriptions of the many different kinds of sharks are also provided.

It’s natural for humans to fear these awesome creatures, but we also need to remember they have their place in nature and serve an important function. The author reminds us that many sharks are endangered, and that conservation efforts are now in place.

Well-written, informative and kid-friendly, Sharks is a great classroom or library resource on these ocean-dwellers. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger