Storybook ABCs

Author: Meg McLaughlin
Publisher: Dalmatian Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 1-40375-018-1
Pages: 24
Price: $3.50

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A is for Apple, B is for Bear.  But if you think this Sesame Street book is nothing more than a letter and picture association game, you may be in for a surprise!

Taking its cue from nursery rhymes, this delightful little book uses the alphabet in new and amusing ways.  Blending Sesame Street characters and modified rhymes, it will not only teach kids the alphabet, but also entertain them.

Kids may not get all the jokes, but the adults reading it to them will definitely smile.  I found myself chuckling over some of the hilarious scenarios and comments made by the characters in sharing their version of the alphabet.

I highly recommend Storybook ABCs as a fun way for your little ones to learn their ABCs.

Reviewer: Alice Berger