Flippy Goes on a Road Trippy

Author: John Mese & Dawn Kelsey
Illustrator: Chanler Holden
Publisher: Moss Covered Gumbo Barn
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9725853-4-7
Pages: 36
Price: $13.95

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Flippy, the free-spirited tadpole, is taking a road trip with his friends, Toadpole, Crawdaddy, Duke, Halimagator, and Eartha. So it’s time to pack up the car and join him to see the sights!

Fun rhymes and colorful pictures show us the wonderful adventures Flippy and his buddies find, as they road trip across the USA. The beach, Dixieland, Flippywood, Manhattan, and other places come alive through the sights, sounds, and smells Flippy encounters.

An enjoyable read that kids will love, Flippy Goes on a Road Trippy is entertaining as well as educational, opening horizons to places as yet unseen. You’re sure to enjoy the ride!

Reviewer: Alice Berger