Shoot the Moon

Author: Billie Letts
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 978-1-446-40114-2
Pages: 368
Price: $7.99

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In 1972, a young mother, Gaylene Harjo, was murdered and her infant son disappeared. Though a suspect was arrested on two counts of murder, he died in jail and was never brought to trial.

Now, nearly thirty years later, Mark Albright has just discovered he’s adopted, and his real name is Nicky Jack Harjo – the missing boy. He returns to DeClare, Oklahoma to meet his birth mother, and suddenly finds himself digging up skeletons that someone would rather keep buried.
Shoot the Moon is a delightful mystery with an interesting cast and setting. Ivy, Mark’s “cousin,” seems to be his complete opposite, yet he’s strangely attracted to her. O Boy, the sheriff, is keeping secrets Mark needs to discover. And the old domino boys share their unique philosophy on shooting the moon.

A great read and a page-turner, Shoot the Moon will appeal to those who love a good mystery with a little romance, humor, and some very human characters. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger