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Adios to All the Drama

Adios to All the DramaAuthor: Diana Rodriguez Wallach
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Young Adult
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2557-3
Pages: 336
Price: $9.95

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Mariana’s summer fling, Alex, is staying with her family as he researches colleges in the area. Although she’s missed him, she still has unresolved feelings for her locker buddy, Bobby. But things are weird between them ever since she found out her friend, Emily’s, secret.

Madison is now head over heels for a popular guy named Evan, but Emily’s behavior has Mariana concerned. Is she going for her friend’s guy behind her back? Nothing Emily does makes any sense anymore.

When a ballet performance disaster occurs, Mariana finds out the answers to her friend’s strange actions. And she finally makes the decision that’s been weighing on her own heart at her aunt’s wedding.

I really enjoyed this three book series, but this one was definitely the best, in my opinion. Despite the fact Mariana is not one of the popular girls, she manages to stay true to herself and her own values in this book, not succumbing to any peer pressure to compromise herself.

Mariana shows great self-confidence in making all the right decisions for herself, knowing she needs to live with the consequences. I enjoyed getting to know her, and I’m sorry to see this series end.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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