Author: Robert Farley
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
ISBN: 978-1438232874
Pages: 225
Price: $6.99

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Nathan Brewster, crime reporter for the Waikiki Times, can sense trouble by the persistent ringing in his ears. When he sees the police report about a man attacked by bugs before disappearing, his sixth sense tells him this is something worth investigating.

As more reports about abnormal thrips attacks come in, Nathan begins working with University of Hawaii molecular biosciences chair, Dr. Lanahino, to discover what’s causing these bugs to act this way. Normally feasting only on produce, these altered thrips have turned their appetites to humans, with deadly results.

Panic mounts as the thrips threaten to overrun the island, and Nathan knows he needs to catch the man responsible for releasing these bugs, before it’s too late. But while it might be possible to kill him, will anyone be able to kill his weapon?

Genetically altered bugs, a lonely bachelor, and a race against time pulls the reader in and hooks him, as Nathan attempts to save the island.  Fast-moving and suspenseful, Thripz is a page-turner and an enjoyable read.

Reviewer: Alice Berger