Webs of Power

Author: Darlene Quinn
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Emerald Book Co.
ISBN: 978-1-934572-05-4
Pages: 369
Price: $24.95

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When big business deals are made, the usual players are men. Webs of Power explores the lives of three women affected when a business tycoon threatens to take ownership of a department store giant.

Paige Toddman has it all. Married to Consolidated’s West Coast Division CEO, she has wealth, prestige and time to explore her own interests. Until one day an unexpected surprise comes between her and her husband, threatening to end their marriage once and for all.

Ashleigh McDowell is engaged to the President, and they are about to embark on their new life together when the attempted takeover begins. Her father-figure is still a powerful player in the department store enterprise, and when his daughter and her husband begin to take determined steps against him, Ashleigh needs to protect him.

Viviana DeMornay craves the power that only comes from being associated with the best, and that means selling her soul to the devil – the very man who plans to take over the enterprise that currently employs her. How much of herself is she willing to give up to marry him?

These three fascinating women live through the emotional roller coaster of this takeover, supportive of their men, but caught up in their own needs and desires, as well. As the business deal winds to a close, will they find the happiness they seek?

Darlene Quinn has woven a captivating story that pulls you in, as the web closes in on Consolidated. Short, quick chapters keep the reader turning the page, wanting to see what happens next in these intricate negotiations. Suspenseful and well-written, Webs of Power is a compelling and enjoyable read.

Reviewer: Alice Berger