Scarecrow Finds a Friend

Author: Blume J. Rifkin
Illustrator: Carl W. Wenzel
Publisher: Whirlpool Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9796948-0-6
Pages: 32
Price: $14.95

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Tally is a good witch and loves to grant wishes. When she meets Scarecrow, she grants him a special Halloween wish. But when Scarecrow sees her again at Thanksgiving, something is terribly wrong. Tally is having trouble flying.

Scarecrow is worried about her, so he comes up with a plan to help her regain her ability to fly, involving the wishbone from the family’s Thanksgiving turkey. At this point, I would have liked Tally to find the wishbone for herself. Instead, it falls out of Scarecrow’s sleeve, flying out of his straw when a gust of wind blows. Scarecrow has promised her his plan can’t fail – and he’s right. Tally flies away happily, never to lose her powers again.

Illustrator Carl W. Wenzel brings Tally and Scarecrow to life amidst a colorful background of fall watercolors. A heart-warming story about friends who look out for each other, Scarecrow Finds a Friend would make a nice addition to any child’s library.

Reviewer: Alice Berger