Suddenly Single

Author: Shana Burton
Publisher: Urban Christian
Genre: Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60162-953-1
Pages: 354
Price: $14.95

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Finding herself jilted at the altar has left Vashti Hunter depressed and feeling unworthy of love. With her friend Monique’s help, she finally lifts herself out of her funk and attempts to date again, determined to wed within the year. But is she looking for love in all the wrong places?

Throughout her string of failed relationships, one man stands in the wings, watching and waiting for her to come to her senses. Will she ever realize she’s worthy of being treated like a queen, and let this man be her king? Vashti finally makes the decision to let herself be happy and her quest to be married is complete.

Vashti is a troubled lady, getting into situations and relationships she has no business being in. But there is one predicament that causes her the most difficulty, and ultimately leads to her self-destructive path. Although Vashti never tries to defend herself from his actions, I found Pastor White’s behavior immoral, unethical and most likely illegal, and it was sad that no one in the story blamed him for any of it – they simply pointed fingers at his innocent victim.

Suddenly Single is a self-discovery novel about Vashti’s struggles with finding herself and a husband, but I would have enjoyed getting to know the man she ultimately marries a little more. I’d also have liked to see more development throughout the story of their relationship growing and evolving into something more.

A disturbing book in some ways, Suddenly Single clearly shows the ways women mess up their lives, looking for true love, when they’d be better off treating themselves as a precious human being and expecting the same from their men. But at least Vashti is finally able to find happiness in the end.

Reviewer: Alice Berger