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The Lifestyle Fitness Program

Author: Debi Silber
Publisher: Morgan James
Genre: Health & Fitness / Healthy Living
ISBN: 978-1-60037-426-5
Pages: 218
Price: $17.95

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A mom has so much to juggle each day that her own self-care is often the last thing she thinks about. But can a mom be effective taking care of others if she hasn’t met her own basic needs? Debi Silber doesn’t think so, and that’s why she’s created The Lifestyle Fitness Program to guide moms in looking, feeling and living their best.

This guidebook is divided into six sections: Nutrition, Fitness, Relationships, Emotions, Spirituality, and Stress Control. Each section is then further divided into chapter sub-topics, with goals set for each chapter. The author encourages moms to set only one goal per week, with the intent to create new healthy habits as these small changes become part of their lives.

Silber has a light and breezy style of chatting with the reader, almost as if she’s in a personal coaching session in her role as the “Mojo Coach.” But because she covers so much material in such a short book, the individual chapters don’t go into any real depth. Instead, they’re more motivational than informational. The author also provides an on-line forum at her website for readers to discuss the challenges and successes they’ve had in working this program.

If you’re looking for bite-sized chunks of information that will help you make small incremental changes that will lead to a happier and healthier life, you’ll find the guidance in The Lifestyle Fitness Program a valuable resource.

Reviewer: Alice Berger