When a Man Loves a Woman

Author: La Connie Taylor-Jones
Publisher: Genesis Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-58571-274-8
Pages: 250
Price: $6.99

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Some men just don’t know when to give up. Victoria Bennett wants nothing to do with marriage, but A.J. Baptiste is in love and he’s determined to woo her.

After a suspicious accident that causes A.J. injury, Victoria moves into his home to care for him as he recovers. But she has no idea how living in such close proximity will affect her, especially when he starts to become a dear friend.

Victoria has good reason to avoid men after being hurt deeply by her ex-husband, and A.J. is sensitive to her pain while encouraging her to open up to him. Rather than taking advantage of her vulnerability, he insists she be ready to give him her heart before claiming her body.

This romance blossoms beautifully between two people who want to know each other intimately as both friends and lovers, and the suspense around the accident adds even more tension to the story. Both A.J. and Victoria are caring people, striving for good in the world, and the reader will cheer for their happiness. When a Man Loves a Woman is a truly enjoyable read.

Reviewer: Alice Berger