Gateways to the Otherworld

Author: Philip Gardiner
Publisher: New Page Books
Genre: Ancient Mysteries / New Science
ISBN: 978-1-56414-925-1
Pages: 264
Price: $17.99

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Is there life after death? And is there a way the living can cross over and reach that place? These questions prompted Philip Gardiner’s search through history for answers. What he discovered is revealed in Gateways to the Otherworld.

Ancient cultures left clues to this puzzle, and the first to cross through this gateway was most likely the shaman. Using the forces of nature, he was able to harness earth energy in ways man today has long since forgotten.

This well-written and well-documented book explains new scientific discoveries that confirm what man once knew from his own experience. Various theories about the Great Pyramid, crystals, round towers, energy grids and the serpent are presented in detail, with many references to scientific proof and ancient knowledge.

Though this may appear on first glance to be new age fluff, there is hard science behind the author’s conclusions. A quick read and a fascinating book, Gateways to the Otherworld may answer some of your own questions about life after death – or it may raise some new questions – but it will definitely make you think.

Reviewer: Alice Berger