Spirits in the Garden: The Amazing Realm of Secret Life Around Us

Author: Joan Solomon
Publisher: Grynwild Publishing
Genre: Non-fiction
ISBN: 0-9786166-0-X
Pages: 143
Price: $65.00

Author’s website

Spirits in the Garden is not your ordinary coffee table book of pretty photographs you leave out to impress company. Joan Solomon has compiled a visually exquisite and thoughtful journey into the wonderment of the natural world, most notably the plant kingdom.

Solomon dedicated her work to “the Ineffable that expresses itself in Nature.” Her work is a testament to the “garden” we take for granted in our everyday lives or ever take notice to. Solomon’s book is divided into four chapters filled with award-winning photographs and paintings that bring a multitude of flowers and plants to vibrant life.

The visuals are accompanied by Solomon’s personal insights into the meaning of Nature and the “unique messages” that are out there for us to discover and use to our benefit to enhance our physical and mental well-being. Her chapter on “Using Plant Wisdom to Nourish, Nurture, and Heal” can stand as an informative text in itself.

Spirits in the Garden would be an important addition to anyone’s personal library that has a desire to be closer to nature and learn some of its secrets. This book educates, enlightens and empowers both the mind and soul. An experience everyone should share.

Reviewer: Gene Berger