children, fantasy, holiday

Christine Kringle

Author: Lynn Brittney
Publisher: BookSurge
Genre: Christmas
ISBN: 978-1-4196-7554-6
Pages: 178
Price: $13.99

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Kriss Kringle of the USA is in a bind. By ruling of the Yule Dynasty, the job of Christmas Gift Bringer can only be handed down from father to son, and he only has a daughter – fourteen year old Christine. So, at this year’s conference, Kriss plans to petition the Dynasty to change the rules.

But before the issue can be resolved, the little English town of Plinkbury bans Christmas. Christine and her two friends, Little K of Japan and Nick of England, are sent to Plinkbury to help avert disaster. Along with Nick’s mom, Zazu and her brother Egan, they take on the Town Council and attempt to change their decision.Chaos erupts, and the Council never knows what hit them.

Lynn Brittney has woven a charming blend of fantasy and humor, mixed with a little Christmas spirit. Christine Kringle is an enjoyable read for all ages, and guaranteed to start your holiday season off with a smile.

Update: Lynn Brittney has announced a contest! Come up with a synopsis of her next book, and you could win $5,000 USD. See website for details.

Reviewer: Alice Berger