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The Deal Is On Strike Three

dealis-on-strike-3Author: Peter Fertig & Rudy Saviano
Illustrator: Penny Musso Weber
Publisher: RSI Publishing
Genre: Children / Baseball
ISBN: 978-0615228648
Pages: 45
Price: $15.95

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The Mighty Casey became a legend when he struck out to end the game. But although there was no joy in Mudville that day, was there perhaps a deeper reason for such an ignominious fate?

The Deal Is On Strike Three tells a tale most folks have never heard – how an evil man had bargained for Casey’s soul, and how his son is given the opportunity to save him. In the same poetic style of the original, the authors share Casey’s son’s secret bargain.

Professional sports offer the promise of fame and fortune, but at what price? This book gives kids another view of the choices players make as they attempt to make a name for themselves. But how much are they willing to give up for fame? The deals they make may be with the devil himself.

“When the final out is made, and the outcome has been sealed, everyone’s a winner, who has played upon the field.” The Deal Is On Strike Three is a great baseball story with a positive message. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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