I Just Want My Kids To Be Happy

Author: Aaron Cooper, Ph.D. & Eric Keitel, M.Ed.
Publisher: Late August Press
Genre: Parenting
ISBN: 978-0-9797926-0-1
Pages: 173
Price: $15.95

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If you’re a parent, you may be curious why this book is subtitled “Why You Shouldn’t Say It, Why You Shouldn’t Think It, What You Should Embrace Instead.” You’ve always wanted your kids to be happy, and this seemed like a reasonable goal to strive for. But is it?

It is – if it’s grounded in all the right reasons. In this book, Cooper and Keitel explain why this creed embraced by parents is not always the best approach in raising their kids. Instead they offer alternative parenting methods designed to develop long-term happiness.

Many parents confuse happiness with short-term pleasure. Instead of allowing their kids to work through unhappy times, they feel it’s necessary to make sure kids never experience disappointment, sadness, and other unpleasant emotions. What parents don’t realize is that those feelings help kids grow up to be emotionally mature adults.

In order to encourage parents to strive for long-term happiness, the authors have presented ideas to help plant the seeds. These suggestions include instilling strong values, encouraging closeness, building mastery, and finding spiritual connection. While these ideas may not always bring short-term pleasure, they can lead to lasting happiness once established.

Just because your kids appear to be happy doesn’t mean they really are. Kids try to please their parents, and you might be surprised to find they’re wearing a smile because you’ve told them you just want them to be happy.

If you’re truly concerned about your child’s long-term happiness, I’d encourage you to pick up a copy of this book. Both you and your kids will benefit from these suggestions.

I Just Want My Kids To Be Happy recently won a Gold Medal in the 2008 Mom’s Choice Awards.

Reviewer: Alice Berger