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Author: F.E. Wilkins
Publisher: MemoryMinder Journals
Genre: Journal
ISBN: 978-0-9637968-6-8
Pages: 192
Price: $16.95

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You’ve finally reached your weight loss and fitness goals. Congratulations! But now you face a new challenge – keeping the weight off.

The creators of DietMinder and BodyMinder recognized this, and designed MaintenanceMinder with your new needs in mind. This journal provides a place for you to record important information for the day to help keep you on track.

Each journal entry includes space for your daily weigh-in, your plan for the day, and an end-of-day recap asking how well you stuck to your plan. A week’s check-ins fits compactly on an easy-to-read two page spread, with room for notes in the last section of the journal.

The journal pages are of high-quality paper, with a spiral binding and sturdy cover. An introductory section explains how to use this journal for maximum effectiveness. Motivational quotes are sprinkled throughout the pages, and a space for before and after photos is included, to help remind you of how far you’ve come.

If you’ve reached your fitness goals and want to be sure you don’t undo all your hard work, MaintenanceMinder will be a valuable tool in making sure you stay fit, trim and healthy.

Reviewer: Alice Berger