Mennonite on the Edge

Author: Cynthia Yoder
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Romance
ISBN: 978-1523398898
Pages: 232
Price: $10.95

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MaryJo is recently married and has just moved to New York City with her new husband, Adam. Although she seems to be settled in their tiny Manhattan apartment, she finds herself growing restless and wondering about her existence there. And when she hears upsetting news from home, her confusion grows.

Leaving her Mennonite life behind in Lancaster has suddenly taken on new importance in MaryJo’s eyes, and Adam doesn’t know what to make of it. Why is MaryJo questioning everything? Is she suddenly unhappy with him, and can their marriage survive her concerns about their fast-paced New York lifestyle?

Mennonite on the Edge is an interesting exploration of the abrupt geographical and spiritual changes this Mennonite couple experiences in uprooting themselves from their homes and families in Lancaster and moving to the big city. Unlike the traditional romance, this story begins with the courtship already completed, and now MaryJo and Adam have to learn to live with each other and find a common ground in their marriage. I really enjoyed watching them both grow through these struggles and find out what truly makes them happy.

Reviewer: Alice Berger