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Little Raccoon Learns to Share

Little Raccoon Learns to Share
Author: Mary Packard
Illustrator: Lisa McCue
Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-4027-7230-6
Pages: 24
Price: $7.95

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Little Raccoon has some nice things, and she keeps them to herself. When she is out collecting flowers, she makes sure she gets plenty, and she never shares. But one day as she gathers berries, she overhears her friends talking while she hides in the bushes, making sure to keep her basket to herself. They are having a party, and everyone will bring something.

Little Raccoon goes home and tells her mother, who suggests she should bring berry muffins to the party. When Little Raccoon arrives, her friends are thrilled to see her, and happy with the muffins. And they in turn offer her some of their own goodies. Little Raccoon now understands that sometimes it’s nice to share with her friends because it makes them happy, and they will share back.

It would be easy to turn this cute story into something preachy, but author Mary Packard has skillfully avoided this pitfall. Instead she shows kids the benefits of sharing, while the refusal to share only leads to feeling lonely and left out. Lisa McCue’s illustrations are bright and cheerful, and the animals are adorable. This feel-good story will be a hit with kids, while teaching them a valuable lesson.

Reviewer: Alice Berger