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Coolhead Luke

Author: Jennifer White
Illustrator: Colin White
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Genre: Poetry / Humor
ISBN: 9781419661624
Pages: 54
Price: $14.99

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What do you get when you team up a son who likes to draw faces with a mom who’s a whiz at poetry? Coolhead Luke, which combines the best of both.

When Jennifer White saw her son’s drawings, they sparked the idea to work on a book together. She then matched her own poetry to the faces with surprising results. A big nose on a pedestal is Ebenezer Nooze. Chef Mahoney has only some macaroni, but he needs to make up some Beef Bourguignoney – and that’s no baloney! And the Freaky Bus full of strange passengers rides out every day at nine o’clock.

Most of these poems are written in some form of rhythmic meter, with some more unusual styles thrown in for fun. There is a glossary of terms included, as well as discussion questions about the overall messages and styles of verse.

These are fun and well-written poems, with quirky and unique drawings accompanying them. I admire what Jennifer White and her son, Colin, have achieved in Coolhead Luke. Not only have they created an interesting work of literature, but they’ve also nurtured the creative bond between them. Now that’s about as cool as it gets!

Reviewer: Alice Berger

children, poetry

Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie

Author: Darren Sardelli
Illustrator: Pam Catapano
Publisher: Laugh-a-Lot Books
Genre: Children / Poetry
ISBN: 978-0-615-28469-9
Pages: 30
Price: $12.95

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Could your school day be brightened with a hearty laugh? Maybe you’d like to be served Nebula Nachos and Asteroid Chips by the lunch ladies from Mars. Or listen to your teacher punish the tires on a bus. If that doesn’t help, you can always dream about endless recess.

In Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie, Darren Sardelli has put together one of the funniest collections of poetry I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading — all about our days in school. Illustrated in bright, comic pastels by Pat Catapano, these silly poems could make even the meanest teacher grin.

This collection is schoolroom humor at its best. When it seems as if the homework will never end, and you’re sure you’ve just flunked your most important test, these cheery poems will be sure to pick you up. This book is a fun addition to any classroom, library or personal collection.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

children, poetry

Sail Away With Me

Author: Jane Collins-Philippe
Illustrator: Laura Beingessner
Publisher: Tundra Books
Genre: Children / Poetry
ISBN: 978-0-88776-842-2
Pages: 32
Price: $15.95

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The lure of the sea calls to young and old with its many tales of adventure. In Sail Away With Me, Jane Collins-Philippe has collected many of our favorite poems about the sea, as well as creating some new ones of her own.

Timeless classics like “Wynken, Blynken, and Nod,” “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean,” and “The Owl and the Pussycat” are featured. And kids will also enjoy new poems like “The Good Ship Royal” about a ship with a crew of animals, and “Mary Goes to Sea” about a woman determined to find a space on a crowded boat.

Illustrations by Laura Beingessner enhance these poems, bringing to mind delightful summer afternoons and evenings by the shore. Whether you’re a landlubber or an old salt, you’re sure to enjoy this book of sea poetry.

Reviewer: Alice Berger