mystery, sports

Sudden Death

Author: Michael Balkind
Publisher: Pero Thrillers
Genre: Mystery / Sports
ISBN: 978-1563154041
Pages: 224
Price: $14.95

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Reid Clark, golf pro, has just received a threat on his life. When his agent, Buck Green, suggests he hire Jay Scott to investigate, Reid readily agrees. If he wins the Masters, he’s fine, but the next time he wins, he’s going to die. Jay brings in his best men, determined to protect Reid from harm.

In the midst of this investigation, Reid wants to win the Masters. He has issues with anger over the press invading his turf, and a new lady in his life complicates things further. And a huge endorsement contract with a leading manufacturer of golf balls is an added incentive to win. But if winning will cost him his life, is it really worth it?

As an avid sports fan and mystery lover, I looked forward to reading Sudden Death, but I was a little disappointed. The investigation, for the most part, is only a very small part of the story, and takes place behind the scenes. Most of the plot development revolves around Reid’s experiences on the golf course and his interactions with family and business. I also expected this to be more of a thriller with a lot more action and danger, but it was a fairly straight-forward story, with only a hint of the threat Reid faced.

Reviewer: Alice Berger