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Good Night Grandma

Author: Sandi Washburn
Illustrator: Yvonne Fetig Roehler
Publisher: Growing Art Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-934367-09-4
Pages: 16
Price: $17.95

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Grandma used to sing the elephant song whenever she wanted to help her grand-kids feel better. But as she suffered from cancer, the children started to sing it to her instead. Grandma is gone now, and the triplet girls need to be comforted after her death. They turn to her favorite song and sing it again–both for themselves and for Grandma.

Children find it hard to understand death, and when they want to talk about their missing loved one, adults aren’t always receptive. When they’re confused or hurting, they may want to sing the elephant song, or maybe find another reassuring ritual that brings them closer to the one they’ve lost. Or a good cry might be what they need to make them feel better.

The illustrations by Yvonne Fetig Roehler portray a warm and loving family environment, as Mother shares stories about Grandma with her kids. Good Night Grandma provides a compassionate and necessary emotional outlet for kids to handle the death of their own loved one.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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