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Simply Irresistible

Author: Ellen T. White
Publisher: Running Press
Genre: Nonfiction
ISBN: 978-0-7624-2673-7
Pages: 264
Price: $14.95

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I heard about a book written particularly for women entitled Simply Irresistible. After reading a short synopsis and the author’s take, I found the book to be, well, simply irresistible.

I’m of the male persuasion, but I read it even though the book was written specifically for women. But one that promised to help you “unleash your inner siren and mesmerize men?” Sure. I’m all for learning about “sirendom” especially “with help from the most famous and infamous women in history.” The opportunity to learn about female/male relationships by reading case histories of some of the most intriguing and seductive women of our time is alluring indeed. And the book does not disappoint.

Ellen T. White, writing in a lively and invigorating style, divided the book into two sections: Finding Your Inner Siren and Personalizing Your Appeal. In the first part, the reader discovers White’s explanation of what it truly takes to be a siren. She also reveals that women generally fall into five categories or archetypes she labels: the goddess, companion, sex kitten, competitor, and mother. Each category features a representing albeit appropriate study of a woman of well-known stature.

The second part features tips and suggestions on how to hone the skills necessary to develop the desired archetypical role. Here too the reader will find examples of such players as Mae West, Nicole Kidman, Jacqueline Kennedy, and even Queen Elizabeth I. Their lives offer a myriad of ideas and unique personal character traits to help cultivate and improve your siren ways.

I admit to knowing less than nothing about these female archetypes until now. But I hope women will believe me when I say this book may present the opportunity to become the siren they always aspired to be. If not, they will have received one heck of history lesson on some pretty interesting women, and perhaps a little insight into their own personalities as well.

Reviewer: Gene Berger