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The Night Before the Three Bears’ Christmas

bearsAuthor: Larry Carney
Publisher: PC Treasures, Inc.
Genre: Children / Christmas
ISBN: 978-1600721120
Pages: 24
Price: $6.95

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It’s Christmas Eve and Baby Bear hears a knock at the front door. Could it be Santa? But of course not – he’d use the chimney! A poor, orphan skunk has lost his way in the forest and wants to come in for the night. But will Santa be able to find him at the three bears’ house?

This adorable and heart-warming Christmas story of a little orphan skunk and the three bears is written in rhyme, and is accompanied by a CD-ROM. This includes a read-along version of the story so kids can follow the story as they’re learning to read. It also has several novelty Christmas songs with easy to learn lyrics kids can sing along to. And it includes computer activities like coloring pages and an on-screen performance of one of the songs.

Since this package comes with a book, music and activities, The Night Before the Three Bears’ Christmas is a superb value for the price, and would be ideal for any family looking for fun new holiday stories to enjoy.

Reviewer: Alice Berger