Our Purpose: The Nobel Peace Prize lecture 2007

Author: Al Gore
Genre: Nonfiction
Publisher: Rodale Inc.
ISBN: 1-60529-990-1
Pages: 60
Price: $13.00

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You may be well aware of global warming and the environmental problems facing our beleaguered planet. Or you may be one of the naysayers who believe those problems are contrived and part of some low-down conspiracy. Regardless, the enlightening words of Al Gore have got to hit a nerve.

Our Purpose is composed of Gore’s acceptance speech for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize and includes excerpts from his work, An Inconvenient Truth. They are both informative and captivating and should make even the biggest skeptics take pause. His sincere eloquence addresses the tragedies and irreversible damage that face the planet because of man’s carelessness. But he also speaks with enthusiasm of the possible triumphs humans would experience should we be smart enough to reverse the devastation.

If you are concerned with the world’s environmental problems and need some inspiration, I encourage you to pick up this compelling little book.

Reviewer: Gene Berger