Windows of Gold

Author: Marianne Mitchell
Publisher: Rafter Five Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9673497-1-8
Pages: 126
Price: $9.95

Author’s website

Are you looking for great bedtime stories to read to your kids before you tuck them in for the night? Windows of Gold is a collection of twenty short stories, many of which first appeared in Highlights for Children. Told in folk tale style, these delightful stories will entertain your children for many nights to come.

Some of these charming tales take place in the southwest, with such colorful characters as Coyote, Rabbit, and Puma. Another has mysterious purple footprints left at the scene of secret acts of kindness. The title story demonstrates that not everything is exactly as it seems. And there’s the occasional troll and leprechaun to captivate the reader.

Marianne Mitchell is a master at telling folk tales. These vibrant stories come alive, and invite you to journey through foreign lands and magical places. You and your children will definitely enjoy the ride.

Reviewer: Alice Berger